Paris - Summer 2013

Paris est la gloire de la France, et l'un des plus belles ornaments du monde.

(Montaigne, Les Essais, 1580, Livre III, Chapitre 9)


In the summer of 2013 I lived in Paris for three months and took a French class at the Sorbonne. I rented an apartment in the Latin Quarter. This is a photo journal of my experiences.

The pictures and text were originally posted each day on FaceBook. When I got home to Chicago I ported everything to this web site. My writing on FaceBook was informal. While I cleaned up the text, I did not attempt to polish it excessively, and I tried to leave the informality intact.

I was alone in Paris, with no family or old friends, just new friends I met in class. I'd like to thank all of my good FaceBook friends back home for keeping me virtual company throughout the summer. Some of their commentary has been included in my journal.

I arrived in Paris two weeks before the class started. I spent the time doing a massive amount of tourism and getting to know my neighborhood.

The class lasted eight weeks and was intense. During the week I mostly just worked, and did more tourism and partying with my friends from class on the weekends.

The week after the class ended I took a trip to Normandy.

For the last week my children Andrea and Jeremy joined me and we did more tourism, then we flew home to Chicago together.

Note on images: If you see a photo or image that is interesting, click it to display a larger version in a separate window. This only works well if you have a large screen. Some of the images do not have a larger version.

Table of Contents

Tourism Week 1

Tourism Week 2

Class Week 1

Class Week 2

Class Week 3

Class Week 4

Class Week 5

Class Week 6

Class Week 7

Class Week 8


With the Kids