Wednesday, September 11

Jeremy and I visit the Catacombs. Andrea and I have dinner by Canal St-Martin. We meet my friends at a bar and I say goodbye.

Jeremy and I went to the catacombs this morning. Andrea slept in. Very cold this morning. It was actually warmer way down underground. Even though we got there half an hour before they opened, we still had to wait about an hour and a half in line. But it was worth it. Very impressive. Hard to take pictures because it's very dimly lit and flashes are not allowed.

Andrea and Jeremy went off to lunch, then (I think) Andrea is headed to Montmartre, Jeremy off on his own adventures. We're all meeting up later over by Canal St Martin to find some dinner.

While Jeremy and I were out this morning, Andrea woke up and explored Jardin des Plantes just next door. She found the zoo and had a good time. She likes snakes and they had lots of them. Also owls.

I knew that after a few days the kids would figure out all the logistics and would be able to explore things without me. Some things we do all together, some they do with each other but not me, and some they do just by themselves. Sometimes I find myself doing something with one but not the other. It's good that way. They both now have the same map and métro apps on their phones that I used all summer. Being of their generation, they're already better at using them than I am.

For example, I just had a much-needed nap! I'm going to have a long evening. First dinner and exploring the Canal St-Martin with the kids, then a goodbye drink with my school friends, who are back from trips to London. Then a long day in Tours tomorrow. Glad I managed to sneak in a nap.

Last I heard after lunch Andrea was off to Montmartre and Jeremy had shopping to do on the mouf and maybe more chess over in the lux.

Exchanging email messages with my landlord and his assistant to arrange a time Friday morning to check out of my apartment, pay for electricity, and get back the security deposit. I'll be staying at the kid's hotel Friday night, then we get on the plane at Noon on Saturday to come home. Busy schedule ahead! It will be nice to do NOTHING AT ALL after getting home for a few days. At this point I'm ready to come home and I'm looking forward to it, even though there will be few tears at having to leave Paris.

Andrea and I met over in the neighborhood of Canal St-Martin at 6 pm. We found a nice bistro for dinner. Then we went to le Comptoir Général to met my friends from class for drinks and a last goodbye. She left early. We spoke English for her benefit (mostly), then switched to French (mostly) when she left.

It was fun but sad to say goodbye to my friends of the summer. It was just Wee Ling, Jordi, and Deo. Raquel hurt her foot at Versailles today and couldn't come. We stayed at Le Comptoir Général for a while, then went down the street to another bar where we could sit outside and talk without lots of noise. I'll miss these good friends.

Andrea met a young Italian woman and her friend. Later, I went out to le jardin for a smoke at Le Comptoir Général and ran into them. They said "are you Andrea's dad?". I said yes and proceeded to flirt with them outrageously in French. Then the boyfriend showed up. C'est dommage! That was lots of fun! I've always been a complete fool when it comes to Italian women. Even more than French woman, and that's saying a lot.

The entrance to the catacombs.

The catacombs.

The catacombs.

The catacombs.

Jeremy's new baskets. I told you they were sharp! They're Adidas.

Musicians performing at Le Comptoir Général. A super hip and laid back bar and African museum. Very nice place. Andrea liked it a lot. But a bit too noisy for conversation.

A last photo with my friends Wee Ling and Deo on Canal St-Martin. Please note Deo's stylish scarf. Looks good on him! And we both have gorgeous haircuts.