Sunday, September 8

We visit Versailles and have dinner at Jardin D'Ivy.

Long day at Versailles. Long long lines. But we had fun and got good and worn out. Today it's Andrea's turn to be burned out, and Jeremy is full of energy. I once again didn't take lots of pictures because I already did that earlier in the summer.

I got lost for a second then heard my kids voices crying out "Jean-Louis, Jean-Louis". That's my name now.

We didn't even try to go into the château. Just the gardens and the Grand Canal.

It's a fun trip but absolutely exhausting. We were only gone for about 6 or 7 hours, but it felt like days. Andrea and I are going to take naps. Jeremy is off to the Lux to see if he can hustle up a chess game.

Jeremy scored his chess games in the Lux while Andrea and I were napping. Won one game, lost one when his clock ran out of time, and had to leave early in the third. I'm glad that he finally managed to do this.

We had a long wonderful dinner on the Mouf at Jardin d'Ivy. We shared our plates. Salmon and foie gras and veal and fish soup and profiteroles and cheese plates and crème brulée and a bottle of Saint Emilion and I've forgotten what else. The cheese plate was supposed to have three cheeses, but there was a fourth one. I tasted it and announced that it was the softest creamiest best cheese I'd ever tasted. Andrea tried a bite, tasted it, and informed me "Dad, that's butter!". Hilarious. Boy, did I get teased tonight. Maximally. Very funny. Deserved it.

Our waitress greeted us, gave us the menu, and asked if we wanted an aperitif. I turned to Jeremy and said "Un apéritif, quelque-chose?" He gave me a puzzled look, so I repeated it in English "a before dinner-drink?". Apologized to the waitress "I forget that my kids don't speak French. Sorry". She laughed.

Between the classic Disco Party photo this morning and Jeremy rowing us in a crazy zig-zag pattern around the Grand Canal and my mistaking butter for cheese at dinner, we'll be talking about this day at family gatherings for the rest of our lives. Memories were definitely made today.

We're all going to sleep in late I hope. All three of us really need a solid night's sleep at this point.

The kids had fun in a photo booth while I bought the train tickets to Versailles at the Cardinal Lemoine métro station. This picture is already a family classic.

A boat ride on the Grand Canal de Versailles. Nice day, cool but mostly sunny. Andrea and I got a bit sunburned.

Jeremy rowed the whole way. I was the back seat rower in my special Marie Antoinette chair, warning of imminent collisions with other boats and the bank. Andrea was the tourist with the camera. Beautiful big swans came right up to the boat.