Friday, September 6

The kids arrive. We explore my neighborhood and have dinner in a nice restaurant up by the Seine.

6 am in Paris. Kids land in 3 hours. Excited!

They're here. We're hanging out in the apartment

A gentleman asked Jeremy for a cigarette. We chatted for a while in French. Nice guy. Were kids impressed? Don't know. They should be. We were waiting out a brief shower and smoking under the awning of the boucherie after walking up the stairs from the métro. I forget to check if the kid's eyes were big, but I bet they were.

Nice lunch at La Contrescarpe, walk down the mouf, almost time to go over and check into their hotel. Then, I imagine, sleep for them. It's a truly awful plane ride over here.

For someone who doesn't drink, Andrea really liked the Loire red I had in my apartment, and also Jeremy's beer and my Guinness at lunch. Geez.

So far I think they kind of like Paris.

They're over in the hotel now. Very nice 3 star hotel. Their rooms are on the 5th floor. Sibling rivalry has broken out. Andrea got a room in front with a beautiful walk-out balcony high above Rue Monge. Jeremy got one in back with a view of the wall of another building. Both Internet wifi connections work - first thing to check in a new hotel room, of course.

Andrea reports that the wifi sucks in the hotel. With no phone, we're relying on messaging on our phones and computers. Tough with bad Internet!

The kids got a nap, then we took a walk along the Seine at dusk, watched some street performers in front of Notre Dame, had a nice dinner at a place we found on rue de la Bûcherie up by the river, then came home past the Sorbonne and the Panthéon and through the streets of the Latin Quarter. Nice evening. Got serenaded by saxophone music during dinner. Jeremy introduced himself and the musician played some American jazz for him.

Standing under Pont Neuf looking up the river at Notre Dame towering to the sky over everything all lit up watching over her Paname and the lights of Paris dancing on the water, with the bateaux mouches going by, the couples smooching, the people having parties with food and wine on the edge of the river on the cobblestones. I hope they enjoyed it. It's only one of the most beautiful places in the world. Thought I'd start them off with the best.

The Beaurepaire, 1, rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris. Restaurant Cuisine Française. They specialize in Basque cuisine.

Was just a bit drizzly tonight in Paris, but not enough to get you really wet. More kind of misty with just a few drops now and then. We weren't under the awning, so we're lucky it didn't actually start raining! Otherwise a very nice evening with temps in the 60s.

You can see Jeremy's back and Andrea's face in the middle of the picture.

There was a couple from Ireland at the next table but I believe everyone else in the restaurant was French. Tourist season seems to be winding down in a big way up by the river. I asked if they were British because I noticed their non-American accents. Huge oops. NO! WE'RE FROM IRELAND! Andrea talked to them a bit when we were leaving about her trip there a few years ago.

My jetlagged kids, waiting for the escargot to arrive.

Fresh sea bass with roasted garlic.

Here's me using a piece of bread to sop up escargot sauce.