Wednesday, September 4

I visit the Bayeux tapestry, the British Cemetery, and take the train to Cherbourg.

This cutie just came by for a long pet. That's the one who doesn't get along with Tigre.

A really nice pair of identical touring bikes. Wonder who they belong to and where they are going. Maybe the bikes are available for rent. Look brand new, nothing in panniers. Sweet. High quality Shimano gears and brakes etc.

Duh. Definitely rentals. LocVélo. Service de Location des Vélos. That would be a really fun way to sightsee in Bayeux. Note fat tires for cobblestones.

Saw Kansas City friends at breakfast. Au revoir!

Total at checkout 381,70€. Pas mal.

It was market day in Bayeux.

Going to see the Bayeux tapestry.

This is not the original. It's a reproduction in the little separate museum.

It was a long walk to the British Cemetery. I took some pictures along the way.

Bayeux British war cemetery.

Another long walk from the cemetery to the train station, with more pictures along the way.


So pretty. I want to live here!

Arrived in Cherbourg. About an hour on the train. Hôtel le Louvre is not the Lion d'Or, but it's quite nice.

Did lots of walking today. Tired. Hope to get in a little nap, then shower and go out to find a restaurant for dinner. Wish my Kansas City buds were here! They call me Jean-Louis too. That's now my name!

My hotel room in Cherbourg. Beautiful weather. Very cool in the morning and late evening, warm but not hot in the afternoons. Very sunny.

Très important. Have located neatest bar with bières pressions. Une blonde, 50cl.

Some sights in Cherbourg.

Why this sign? This is an elementary school named after the poet Jacques Prévert, the author of that awful poem I had to memorize in class.

Little sign underneath reads "rentré mardi 3 septembre 8h30". Poor kids started school yesterday. Back to those nasty dictées kids! I feel your pain.

A monument to the resistance fighters. The inscription reads "Aux martyrs de la résistance du Cotentin 1940-1945." This was a celebrated group in that particular town near here. This is only one of several monuments in the region to the same group.

Got dinner at this fine Cherbourg dining establishment across the street from my hotel. Took this pic out my window in fact. Eating it now in my room. Sorry French people, not nearly as good as Dengeo's in Skokie. And nowhere near enough frites, I mean fries.

Sounds of very loud raucous seagulls coming in windows. Cool. Don't think I've ever stayed this close to the sea before. I'm only about 2 blocks away.

As far as I can tell so far, they do not sell umbrellas here. Go figure.

How annoying. Several people took one look at me here in Cherbourg and tried to speak to me in English. Do they not understand that I am JEAN-LOUIS? Must be that damned haircut. I knew that was a mistake.