Tuesday, August 27

I take my last test and make train reservations for Normandy.

Last test this morning. Much bitching about the test and about life in general in our class out on the sidewalk afterwards, as usual. Deo was actually in a bit of a bad mood over it. Poor Deo!

Got a handout today with vocabulary words for kitchen utensils (whisks, pots and pans, strainers, food processors, etc. etc.) Actually useful for reading my French recipes. For example: un robot de cuisine = a food processor.

Final reading for the last dictée tomorrow. That's tonight's homework. I was expecting to be called to the board today because I haven't had a turn up there yet for one of these dictées. But I was spared. Disappointed? Not!

Tomorrow: Last dictée, class dinner at nice restaurant in the evening.

Finally got around to making my train reservations for Normandy next week. These are the regular trains, not the TGV high-speed ones. Should be interesting.

Abrupt transition from school back to tourism next week. Itinerary for Normandy trip. Pas de voiture!

Train Paris -> Caen lundi 02 Sep
10h10 Saint Lazare
12h04 Caen

Mémorial de Caen lundi 02 Sep

Train Caen -> Bayeux lundi 02 Sep
14h14 Caen
14h30 Bayeux

Bayeux hôtel. lundi 02 Sep - mercredi 04 Sep
Hotel le Lion d'Or
71 rue Saint-Jean
Petit déjeuner
Réserver une table

Normandy beaches tour mardi 03 Sep
Full day tour
Pick up / drop off at Bayeux train station

Train Bayeux -> Cherbourg mercredi 04 Sep
14h23 Bayeux
15h19 Cherbourg

Cherbourg hôtel. mercredi 04 Sep - jeudi 05 Sep
Hotel du Louvre
2 rue Henri-Dunant, 28 rue de la Paix

Train Cherbourg -> Paris jeudi 05 Sep
13h33 Cherbourg
16h47 Saint Lazare

Today's bottle is a modest red Burgundy, a 2011 Maranges 1er Cru La Fussiere, Domaine Capuano-Fussieire. Hurray, my wine merchant is back from vacation! Their young helper recognized and greeted me:

Bon soir, monsieur! Dites-moi! (Good evening sir, talk to me!)
Je n'ai aucune idée ce soir! (I have no idea this evening)
D'accord, d'accord - entreé! (OK, OK, come on in)

And when I checked out, the owner, a friendly rather jovial man, wished me a good evening:

Bonne soirée! (Have a nice evening)
Bon dégustation! (Enjoy the wine)

Probably wouldn't have understood any of this when I first got here nearly 10 weeks ago. Gettin' used to this town and it's crazy language just about the time I have to leave it. C'est dommage.

Gonna miss that place! Always very nice there. And good wines! This one was only 18€, but it tastes good. Need something to help me get started on the homework this evening. Slept all afternoon and I'm having trouble waking up here. A couple of glasses of wine should do the trick, don't you think?

The 2 glasses of wine knocked me out again and I went back to sleep. Just woke up at around 2 am. Wow, that's a lot of sleep! Must have needed it.