Wednesday, August 21

We visit Stohrer's, the oldest pastry shop in Paris.

It has been so much fun recording this day-to-day journal with photos of my summer in Paris here on FB. Very much a part of the whole experience of being here. Katerina has been doing something similar and gave her exposé about her journal. When I get home it will be a big project to gather everything together and clean it up and put it on my web site as a memory. I had no big plans in advance to do anything like this, but as the end of my stay approaches, I'm very happy that I did.

The last dictée is history! Didn't do great, even though I studied. My brain just froze and I missed a couple of verbs at the end, probably because I wasn't able to sleep all night - j'ai passé une nuit blanche.

Tomorrow will not be fun. A test in oral comprehension that I'm dreading and an in-class rédaction (essay) that probably will be no treat either.

Interesting having a different substitute prof for a few days. Everyone seems to like her.

After class a whole bunch of us went to the oldest pâtisserie in Paris. When Marie Antoinette came from Austria to marry King Louis XV she brought her pâtissier, Stohrer, with her. 5 years later, in 1730, he opened his shop at 51 rue Montorgueil in the 2nd. It's still named Stohrer's, and it's still at the same location. I got a little chocolate tarte.

We also went to the fromagerie La Fermette that I visited early this summer. It's just down the same street on rue Montorgueil. Still smells very good in there! Didn't buy any cheese though because I have plenty at home.

Pastries inside Stroher's

This is the big chocolate tart. The one I got was smaller, an individual serving size. It had a tiny piece of gold leaf on top. Good!