Saturday, August 17

I nurse a hangover.

Oh là là, j'ai mal à la tête ce matin.

Finished my first cup of coffee, so I think I'm ready to switch back to English.

Now that I'm showered and dressed at last (at 4:30 in the afternoon), I absolutely must go out to La Pharmacie to get a much-needed bottle of aspirin. Oh, my head, my aching head. Une grande gueule de bois indeed ("big hangover").

Alright, this has now gone way beyond mildly amusing and a bit aggravating and has become downright criminal. You can't buy aspirin in grocery stores here, only in pharmacies. But all the pharmacies are closed for the month. Finally, the sixth one I found was open, way far away down rue Monge. And the sun was out and it hurt my eyes. Not good!

The next step on the road to recovery is some food. Some of those good cheeseburgers with comté, I think.

The box of aspirin I bought contained tablets that you put in water and fizz up like alka-seltzer. Did the trick. Headache much better now, and belly full. By tomorrow I may be human again.

French people definitely get hangovers, but the Parisians are all at the beach now buying their aspirin in the pharmacies there that are actually OPEN.

Just got back from a pleasant circumnavigation of the Lux. I took a few random street scenes from my walk back through the quartier chez moi. I know I've posted a million of these already, but they're still pretty. For some reason they closed the Lux early tonight and kicked everyone out.

That's the Panthéon, at the top of Mont St Genviève.