Wednesday, August 7

We get a surprise rédaction (essay) in class.

We had a surprise rédaction (essay) at the end of class this morning. We had to write 180-200 words in class in about fifteen minutes and hand it in for grading, on the subject of "Your current passion in life". I wrote mine on cooking.

Yesterday in class we read quite a difficult passage from François Sagan's (pseudonym Françoise Quoirez) "Avec mon meilleur souvenir", a memoir published in 1984. She's evidently a well-known author in France, but I'd never heard of her before. The passage we read and studied was about her passion for driving cars dangerously fast. Hence the topic of today's essay.

Raining here this morning, but very cool, and that's definitely a good thing.

Saw a story in the paper this morning that baguette sales have increased 10% in France thanks to the influx of "an American tourist".

Noon on the first Wednesday of the month, and the air raid sirens just went off.

I'm taking a break with the pad over in the Arènes. Haven't done this for a while because it has been too hot. But right now it's about 70 degrees, cloudy, with thunderstorms looking likely. This is very pleasant for a change. Made another croque for lunch, this time with Emmental cheese, very good.

Studying for classes here in Paris, playin' a little Joni Mitchell and feelin' like I'm 19 again.

In Paris you sometimes just have to succumb to temptation. One of the best pâtisseries in my neighborhood is right on the corner of my métro stop. On the way home I stopped in and picked up this gorgeous apple tart (tart aux pommes) for lunch. My croques are better than the ones in the restaurants around here, but I have a bit of work to do on my tarts and other pastries.

Tasted as good as it looked. Must have had good food on my mind after writing that quick essay on cooking!