Saturday, August 3

I take a bike ride around the Bois de Boulogne.

Took a bike ride around the Bois de Boulogne, a huge wooded park on the western edge of Paris. Very pretty, especially the little paths through the woods. Lots of other cyclists, runners, people walking, families, etc., but not at all crowded because it's so big. Haven't been on a bike for many years. It uses a different set of leg muscles than walking! Rented it for 12€ at the park entrance. It wasn't one of the "vélib" bikes. With the bike I was able to explore lots more territory than if I had been on foot, so I think it was a good idea. Much cooler today, which is good. This wouldn't have been feasible yesterday or earlier in the week with the temperature way up in the 90s.

A worthy steed. Isn't she a pretty little thing?

Had to climb down the hill and get into a bit of an awkward position to take this photo. Can you see my bike up at the top?

It's remarkable how few people ended up in this set of pictures. There really were lots of people in the park. I think you can just barely see a few of them on the other side of this lake.

This is all man-made, artificial. Built in the 19th century by Napoleon III.

I'm back from my bike ride and doing some shopping on Rue Mouffetard on an early Saturday evening. Shopping for essentials - chocolates from de Neuville and wine from La Fontaine aux Vins.

For the first half of this street on the northern end, cars are allowed. In this section on the southern end, they are not allowed, only pedestrians.

Chocolates and a 2008 Volnay Santenots Premier Cru from the Bourgogne.

The husband part of the husband-and-wife team who owns La Fontaine aux Vins who checked me out highly approved of my selection. I decided to start getting better wines on the weekends. This one was 32€, about $43.

La Fontaine aux Vins on rue Mouffetard, my favorite store in Paris.

"Vins de Propriétaires" on the awning means that they only sell wines produced directly by small growers/vine owners, not going through an intermediate producer.

I just leaned out my window to take this picture. That's rue Rollin. Descartes' building is on the right - you can see the plaque. At the end of the alley on the right is Rollin's Pub, a nice place to get a beer and do homework. The street at the end of the alley is rue du Cardinal Lemoine. The building across that street is where Hemingway lived. If you turn left at that corner, you're in Place de la Contrescarpe with all the restaurants, musicians, masseurs-and-masseuses-for-tips, and American tourists. And notice the little girl playing jumping on the posts. Lots of kids in the neighborhood, and pregnant women, and strollers.