Friday, July 26

I think about phonetics, Victor Hugo, and piles of homework. Le week-end est arrivé!

At the end of each phonetics class we get a little passage of text that we have to repeat that uses the kinds of sounds we're trying to learn that day. Today's text was a dialog between a student and a teacher. The student is having trouble understanding the word "incompréhension" (incomprehension). The teacher says:

L'incompréhension. « in » comme l'article un, « om » comme le pronom 
sujet on, « é » comme la conjonction de coordination et, « en » comme 
en France, et « ion » comme le scorpion. IN ON É EN ION: incompréhension !

Incomprehension. "in" like the article "un", "om" like the subject 
pronoun "on", "é" like the coordinating conjunction "et", "en" like 
"in" France, and "ion" like the scorpion. IN ON É EN ION: incomprehension !

You know how far gone we all are because we all thought this was hilarious.

If you know any French at all, try repeating that fast 3 times. By the time you're done, you'll think it's hilarious too.

Jeremy quoted Victor Hugo: "... a certain Incorruptibility results from the idea which exists in the air of Paris, as salt exists in the water of the ocean. To breathe Paris preserves the soul." My old bud Vic was quite the romantic, wasn't he? His crypt is just down the street in the Panthéon.

Jeremy's quote is from Les Misérables, Tome 3, Chapitre VI. In French: « une certaine incorruptibilité résulte de l’idée qui est dans l’air de Paris comme du sel qui est dans l’eau de l’océan. Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme. »

It has been quite hot lately, and I'm beginning to miss air conditioning. No wonder that those Parisians who can afford it escape the city this time of year and head for the water.

I got back my job application cover letter. No grade or frogs, just corrections. As usual, almost all of my mistakes were in the details of articles and prepositions. Those are really hard to learn.

Tough week coming up. The usual pile of grammar homework. The last test in phonetics on Monday. A grammar test on direct and indirect object pronouns on Tuesday. My turn to give a 3 minute presentation in class on "an important thing in my life" (show-and-tell) on Wednesday.