Sunday, July 7

I watch the Wimbledon men's final match in a funky bar on rue Descartes.

Murray and Djokovic in the Wimbledon's men's final today. But I have to study today, so I can't watch it. Too bad. I still haven't even turned on the nice TV in my apartment. And every single time I type "apartment" I automatically put an "e" between the "t" and the "m" as in the French word and have to correct it. It's exactly the same problem I used to have trying to switch between Pascal and C back in the 80s.

More reading about wine because I enjoyed a glass of my new bottle of Sancerre last night. From Wikipedia: "Wine expert Tom Stevenson describes the classic profile of Sancerre blanc as bone dry, highly aromatic with intense flavors of peaches and gooseberries." I noticed the dryness, the aroma, and the good fruit flavor, but I would never have been able to identify the flavor as "peaches and gooseberries". Interesting though. It's fun learning about this.

But then from another article on Sancerre: "The soft sibilance, the internal alliteration, the smooth completion, ..." Oh come on. This is ridiculous. Really?

Breakfast again at La Contrescarpe, catching up on my newspapers and blogs as usual in the morning.

The studying is going well, maybe only 3 hours left to get all caught up. The men's final starts at 3pm Paris time, a little more than an hour from now. I'm going to "light up" the TV and see if I find the match. I just have to watch Murray v. Djokovic at Wimbledon. Go Andy!

Searched the net. CANAL+, Finale Hommes, Dimanche 7 Juillet à 14h15. Now I just have to figure out where to find CANAL+ on my cable TV. Shouldn't be hard. The commentary will all be in French, of course, but I don't care. I can call it "studying".

Murray won! I'm so happy!

Canal+ is a subscription channel and I don't get it in my apartment. So I watched it the bar pictured above around the corner on rue Descartes. Sat on a comfortable but very old and ratty couch. Drank Guinness in honor of the Brits. All the tennis fans were rooting for Murray, including four young English girls who were going crazy and became insane with joy when he won. Had a great time watching the tennis and cheering and yelling and drinking. In between points I did people watching out the window as folks went past on rue Descartes.

The sound on the TV was turned off. Music was playing over a good set of loudspeakers instead. Old American rock and roll, of course (what else in Paris?). Watching tennis is better that way, especially while drinking Guinness.

After the match I got a shawarma sandwich à emporter (to go) at the "L'Étoile" Lebanese restaurant you can see out the window in this picture.

Look at those funky chairs. There were no two pieces of furniture in the bar that matched, and none worth more than a euro or two in a flea market. Classy joint.