July, 2006

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In early July of 2006, from Wednesday, July 5 through Tuesday, July 11, I travelled to Paris to attend the Digital Humanities 2006 conference at the Sorbonne. These are some pictures I took during my visit, with comments describing each one. The pictures were taken with a 7 megapixel Sony CyberShot DSC-W7 digital camera.

Some of the information in the comments is paraphrased or copied directly from Fodor's Paris 2006 travel guide, which I can recommend. I found it very useful and informative, and the map included with the book was a lifesaver. I also used Wikipedia and other resources on the Internet to research much of the historical information in the comments. Ben Mittman was my source for the information about the Pont Neuf restoration project, which he has been documenting in a series of spectacular black and white photographs over the last 12 years. Ben was also my source for the important information about Montaigne's toe :-)

The last section is a composition I wrote in French about my trip for a class I'm taking.