New Bathroom

Demolish, remove and dispose

  • Closet walls, door, and shelves.
  • Dropped ceiling in tub alcove. The new alcove ceiling will be flush with the rest of the bathroom ceiling.
  • Window.
  • Door.
  • Vanity, mirror, and vanity light.
  • Tub.
  • Heating register.
  • All wall and ceiling drywall, greenboard, cement board, tiles, wallpaper, and shower surround.
  • Miscellaneous hardware: towel rods etc.

New items provided by homeowner, installed by contractor

  • Vanity and vanity top with sink.
  • Mirror.
  • Vanity light fixture.
  • Wall cabinets.
  • Floor, shower, and baseboard tiles.
  • Shower wall recessed shelf.
  • Shower rod.
  • Towel rods and robe hook.
  • Toilet paper holder.
  • Knobs on cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Electrical outlet and light switch wall plates.
  • Doorknob hardware.


  • Toilet.


Edgar Sewell will install the following items in the new bathroom:

  • New tub.
  • New tub drain.
  • New tub & shower faucet trim kit.
  • New tub & shower valve.
  • New sink faucet.
  • New sink faucet valve.
  • Sink drain hookup.
  • Old toilet. Replace broken handle.
  • Note: The new sink will be about 15" to the left of the old sink.

Items provided by contractor

  • New window. Double-hung tilt-in vinyl with regular glass. The approximate size is 27" x 40".
  • New door. 28" x 80" hollow-core wood finished similar to old door, with new inside trim.
  • Exhaust fan and ceiling light.
  • New floor heating register.
  • Green board, cement board, etc.
  • All other construction supplies and materials as needed.


  • New light switch next to door for ceiling light and exhaust fan.
  • Two new outlets above vanity and vanity light switch.
  • New vanity light fixture.
  • Exhaust fan and ceiling light.

Recessed wall cabinets

When the old closet is demolished, there will be a recess approximately 8" deep by 31" wide. Two new 8" deep by 27" wide by 30" high wall cabinets will be mounted in this recess, one on top of the other. New framing and drywall will be installed around these cabinets (above, below, left, and right), flush with the rest of the east wall of the room. The cabinet fronts may protrude from the wall just a little bit. We will finish all four edges with KraftMaid filler strips that match the cabinet finish. The wall cabinets come with top and bottom mouldings which we will not use.


  • For baseboards we will use a 3" high row of bullnose tiles.
  • Homewoner will take care of painting.