Repiping and New Bathroom

In the fall of 2012 we undertook a major remodeling project. We repiped the entire house and built a new main bathroom.

Lesson Learned:

The only big mistake we made was that we failed to get all of the materials delivered to the house before we started the project. As a result, the entire project took over 6 weeks, with several pauses while we waited for deliveries, including a big 2 1/2 week pause right in the middle of the project. If we had done this right, it would have taken only 2-3 weeks.

Contractors and Suppliers:

Repiping and plumbing work: Edgar Sewel Sewer & Drainage. 847-270-9175.

Construction: Zales Construction Company. 312-493-9587.

Materials (tile, cabinetry, etc.): Lowes.

Materials (tub, plumbing valves & faucets, etc.): Ferguson.

Edgar Sewel and Zales did great work. I highly recommend them.

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