Repiping and New Bathroom

Mon 9/10 & Tue 9/11 - Repiping

Shiny new copper in the laundry room in the basement.

Wed 9/12 & Thu 9/13 - Demolition

OMG - what have I done? Maybe I'll change my mind and tell them to put it all back.

What a huge amount of debris!

The old closet is gone. That's the old light switch hanging from the ceiling. This is where the new recessed linen cabinets will go.

The tub is gone, revealing the mess underneath. That's the exterior brick wall of the house on the left, and the back of my office wall on the right behind the ladder.

Looking up at the roof rafters through where the ceiling used to be.

Fri 9/14 - Electrical, Framing, Insulation

An electrical box next to the door for the new ceiling light and exhaust fan switches with the new conduits going up which will carry the circuits, plus some new insulation in the ceiling.

On top of some new framing sits the electrical box for the vanity light. More insulation is visible above. On the far right edge is the electrical box in the ceiling for the new exhaust fan and ceiling light. Below, behind the ladder, is some drywall stacked up to be installed tomorrow. Behind the drywall there's new electrical boxes for two outlets and the vanity light switch. All of these electrical boxes are tied together with new conduits, but the actual wires haven't been pulled yet.

Sat 9/15 - Wiring, Drywall, Tub Floor, Ceiling

The electrical wires have been pulled, and we have drywall on the two walls by the door. More drywall is stacked up on the left.

A new floor for under the tub.

New ceiling drywall, with the opening for the exhaust fan and light.

Sun 9/16 - No Work

Mon 9/17 - Tub and Plumbing, More Framing and Drywall

The new tub.

Framing for the recessed shower wall shelf.

New tub and shower plumbing.

More drywall and plumbing.

More drywall.

Framing for the recessed linen cabinets. That light switch should have been installed closer to the door.

Tue 9/18 - More Drywall and Cement Board

Cement board in the shower alcove.

The drywall is all installed now and has been taped and mudded. It's beginning to look like a room again!

Wed 9/19 - More Repiping and Plumbing

The new bathroom plumbing is now connected to the new basement plumbing, and this completes the repiping work. The plumbers also hooked up the dishwasher (yeah!), installed a new gas line for the dryer because the old one didn't meet the building codes, and hooked up the outside faucet in the back yard.

The picture shows one of several sections of ceiling in the basement that the plumbers had to remove. You can see the two new copper water pipes on the left side, next to the steel beam.

Thu 9/20 - Tiling

The tiling starts. The next row at the top will be the border ("listello") tiles.

Fri 9/21 - More Tiling

Floor tiles. That's Ziggy inspecting the work.

Listello tiles, with Ziggy about to leap up into the open window to sit on the ledge.

Sat 9/22 - More Tiling and Grouting

The new floor with taupe grout, with the bullnose tile baseboards and a new heating register. It's funny how the tiles look a diffent color in each of the pictures in this section. I think you have to see them in person to see how they really look.

The new shower.

That last section isn't done yet because we're waiting for more listello tiles.

The tub all shiny and cleaned up.

Sun 9/23 through Wed 10/10 - No Work

On Mon 9/24 the contractor came for just a few minutes in the morning and put down beads of silicon around the tub and shower tile edges. Further work in the bathroom is halted until all the rest of the materials arrive.

On Mon 9/24 I spent the day patching the holes in the basement ceiling. This picture shows the biggest of four sections I had to patch. The tiles don't match and everything is still old and ugly but at least the intestines of our house are covered up again. The hole is the bottom of the laundry chute.

On Wed 9/26 I got a big delivery of some of the materials: the new shelf for the shower (plus 2 glass shelves not shown), the new granite countertop (which weighs a ton - I can't even lift it) with backsplash, and the new sink.

On Sat 9/29 I got the rest of the tiles.

Now we're only waiting for the cabinetry.

Thu 10/11 - More Tile Work and New Window

Work resumed after a 2 1/2 week pause.

More framing and tile work around the recess for the shower shelf.

The last tiles for the shower. You can see the holes for the shower head and the faucet.

The new window. The glass is double-paned. They tilt in for cleaning.

Fri 10/12 - Shower Shelf, New Door, Sanding, Electrical Work

The new shower shelf. The big piece of lumber is there to apply pressure until the adhesive sets. You can also see a bit of new grout that is still wet.

The new oak door. It still needs trim, stain, and hardware. I picked out a stain today that will match the color of the cabinetry. All that white drywall mud has been sanded and is ready to be painted.

The ceiling light and fan.

New light switches by the door for the ceiling light and fan, plus new electrical outlets that will be above the vanity.

Sat 10/13 - No Work

Sun 10/14 - Painting Begins

I started the painting. I got all the prep work done, about 10 hours of work, and then I got it primed. Lots of climbing around on that ladder.

Mon 10/15 - Door and Window Trim and Stain, Vanity Light, Towel Rods etc., More Painting

The contractor came to work, and I managed to get two coats of white ceiling paint applied before and after his work.

The new door is finished with trim, stain, and a knob. The stain is Minwax Polyshade Pecan Satin. You can also see two new towel rods and a robe hook.

The new window is also finished with trim and stain.

The new vanity light, plus another towel rod and the toilet paper holder.

Tue 10/16 - Painting Finished

I finished the painting. The color on the walls is "Café Latte". I used C2 paint. It looks nice with the tiles. The ceiling is white.

Tue 10/17 through Fri 10/20 - No Work

We finally got the delivery of the cabinetry on Wednesday 10/18 - the vanity, mirror, and linen cabinets.

Sat 10/21 - Cabinetry Installed

The vanity.

The mirror.

The linen cabinets.

The view from the doorway.

Sun 10/21 - No Work

Mon 10/22 - Final Plumbing Work Started

The toilet base. The plumber needs some parts before he can return to install the tank. That's a new handle sitting on the seat. The white gunk at the bottom will dry clear.

The tub spout. The contractor has to come and cut away more of the tile before the plumber can install the valve and shower head.

Shut-off valves for the sink. The contractor has to install the vanity top and sink before the plumber can finish.

I put our stuff in the new linen cabinets. As you can see, these cabinets aren't very deep, but they're deep enough. I had to remove the top shelf in the bottom cabinet to make room for the tall items.

A temporary cardboard covering for the window until I get new blinds, with Kilroy to watch over and protect us as we begin to use our new bathroom.

Tue 10/23 - Vanity Top and Sink

The contractor came for an hour or so in the late afternoon and installed the vanity top, backsplash, and sink. That's a big slab of Jackson Stoneworks Uba Tuba granite. Still no plumbing.

Wed 10/24 - Final Pumbing

The plumber came and hooked everything up. We now have a functioning bathroom. I still need window blinds and a few other odds and ends, but I declare the project finished, after six long weeks. Here's some final pictures.

Sat 11/9 - Blinds

I picked up and installed the new blinds for the window. They're cordless and open from both the bottom and the top. We've been using our new bathroom for several weeks now, and we're very happy with the final result.