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I am retired. I worked for 35 years as a software developer at Northwestern University.

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The best birthday card I have ever received, from my friend Ladda in Paris.

Some amateur papers on Finance, one of my hobbies. Warning: There's lots of math. My investing advice is simple: put all of your money in low-cost total-market index funds at Vanguard. Pick an asset allocation and rebalance once per year or so. Otherwise just set it and forget it. You really don't need all the math unless you're a geek like me who wants to prove that this really is the best way to invest. As Bill Sharpe once pithily put it, "don't just do something - stand there."

A photo journal of my trip to Paris in July, 2006. I've become a bit of a Francophile (Francophiliac?) Je suis tombé amoureux de Paris.

A photo journal of my trip to Paris in the summer of 2013. I took a French class at the Sorbonne and rented an apartment in the Latin Quarter.

A film of my trip to Paris in the summer of 2014. Once again, I took a French class at the Sorbonne. This time I rented an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th arrondissement. The film is 44 minutes long and has photos, videos, music, poetry, and lots of beautiful Parisians (my friends).

A slideshow of my trip to Paris in the summer of 2016. Including side trips to the Champagne region, Brittany, Lyon, Strasbourg, Barcelona, Provence, and Chartres.

An ode to Paris:

Why do I love Paris?
It has to do with intensity and emotion and elegance
and being serious about all things beautiful
and bohemian friends so full of life and problems
and meeting and parting all too soon
and bars and good food and wine
and poetry and architecture
and flowers and children and rain on the rooftops
and the most perfect trees
and warm sunny summer days
and the nights and oh those drunken nights
and the Seine and her bridges
and coffee and cigarettes at 3 in the morning
and deeply fascinating languages
and loving being alive
all rolled up into one and so much more.

An exposé (short presentation) that I gave in my French class at the Sorbonne in the summer of 2014, on French Literature, in French.

Annotated vital statistics:

For more, see my autobiography.

I'm a flaming liberal. My political heros are all economists: Paul Krugman, Brad DeLong, and Mark Thoma. Click their names to read their excellent blogs! If you care at all about truth, justice and the American way, read them every day. Here's some political articles I wrote:

Some articles that are about me or mention me:

Awards for two popular Mac programs I wrote, Disinfectant, an anti-viral utility, and NewsWatcher, a Usenet newsreader:

Some old work-related items which may be of interest (or not :-):

A photo journal of our bathroom remodeling project in the Fall of 2012.

As a child circa 1960, with my sister Ann. Geeky-looking even then. Heros: Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger.

With Andrea and Jeremy at the Obama victory rally in Grant Park, Chicago, on election night, November 4, 2008.

My wife Robin, who died on June 22, 2012, just 5 days short of our 36th anniversary.

Because the rules of the Internet require it, here's a picture of my kittens Ziggy and Aladdin (named after David Bowie albums).

Here's the trophies and plaques I got for my awards on my bookshelf. For the two Apple awards, I got free Macs instead of trophies, which was a good deal.

With my new daughter Andrea and my sister Ann, circa 1981-2. So much dark hair! Where did it all go?

A picture of the Seine that I took during my trip to Paris in 2006.